To schedule an appointment, you can reach me through the Contact page here, or on Facebook or Instagram. I will get back to you within 24 hours. I work weekdays and weekends but not in the evening. If you can allow an hour and a half for your session, that will give us time to talk before the bodywork, and some time afterwards in case you need a few extra minutes to integrate the work. Rushing to or from a massage isn't ideal, though I respect the time constraints many people contend with in this busy, hectic city. I will work within your time constraints.

It really helps if you are on time. If you're running late, please let me know. 


My studio is three blocks from Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. It's about a 5 minute walk from the Eastern Market metro, or about 15 from Union Station. Parking is rarely a problem. 


I will not share anything about our work unless I'm legally required to do so. In 17 years of practice, that situation has never arisen. 


The fee is $110, cash or check. Tips in addition to that are not required or expected.

When not to come for massage 

If you're sick, please stay home and rest. Especially at the onset of a cold or the flu, a massage will only make you feel worse. But at the end of a cold, a massage can help clear out the dregs of congestion. If you are sick, please text or call me to reschedule your appointment. If I'm sick, I will do the same. 

In general, when you are suffering acute symptoms from illness or injury, a massage is contraindicated, such as immediately following surgery or the day after an accident. I'm happy to send Reiki as you take the first steps towards healing. After major surgeries or injuries, it's wise to ease back into bodywork, a little at a time, starting with Reiki. We can talk about what will work best for you. 

If you're suffering from acute symptoms, please call your doctor first. If the symptoms are severe and sudden, call 911.