The Quandary of Ensoulment

It's a miracle, the joining up of an infinite soul with a very finite body. The Buddhists call life in this form a precious existence. I guess! I find it challenging. I find it bewildering. I know I'm not the only one.

I always thought one must strive to be fully ensouled while alive. This I believed even though soul retrieval is an ancient ritual that exists all around the world, and has been practiced throughout history. The fact that humans have been chasing after lost souls since forever must mean that soul loss is "normal." ("Normal." What is that, anyway?)

I've been on the receiving end of soul retrievals a number of times. When it was a shaman conducting the ceremony, I didn't feel much. It didn't seem like any part of my lost self was returned, though it was always an interesting experience. 

The only times I've been able to sense a returning soul bit was in the aftermath of spontaneous soul retrieval. It happened once above Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon. In 2014, I experienced a spontaneous soul retrieval at the Eiffel Tower! I swear to God. 


Not that long ago, I said to my very wise acupuncturist, "It's really hard being fully ensouled!" I expected him to be sympathetic, to applaud my efforts to be whole-souled. He said, "Thank god we don't have to." WAIT. We don't have to? Oh yeah! The soul is vast, infinite some think. Of course no one knows what the soul is, though many have tried to figure it out. I wonder about it even knowing I'll never truly grasp its essence. 

The animal of my body is tender and its tenure is brief. Of course I can't be fully ensouled. Still, I have to try! I wonder what that's about.