photo credit: Kim Yanoshik


I was an avid receiver of massage for at least ten years before it occurred to me it could be interesting to experience the role of therapist. I signed up for a weekend workshop called The Healing Power of Touch. From the moment I placed my hand on the back of the person on the table, I knew this was for me.

That was in 1996. By 1997, I had completed training and certification at the Shiatsu Institute in San Francisco. After moving to Washington DC, I enrolled in a comprehensive massage training course, with emphasis on clinical applications, at the Baltimore School of Massage. I graduated in 2000, and was shortly thereafter nationally certified and licensed in the District. I’ve been in practice ever since. 

I began studying Reiki in 2002 and was attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher level III in 2009. The work I do with Clairsentience is based on Wendy Palmer's Conscious Embodiment training and practice. I've been engaged with that work since the 1990s.

I’ve worked with people of all ages and in many different states of being, from healthy to very ill or seriously injured. I’ve attended births and deaths, worked on people about to get married, also those going through divorce. I see people when their kids go off to college, also when the kids come back and move in. I'm honored to support people in the midst of every kind of life situation. I enjoy the variety. And it keeps me on my toes! Being a human is complicated, ever changing. I feel lucky to support people in the midst of the inevitable complexities and changes.

In addition to bodywork/healing, I teach the subtle arts of Reiki and Clairsentience. Information about that training appears on the Study page.

I'm a photographer and writer, a voracious reader and student of myth, history and science. I spend a significant amount of time walking around this beautiful and intense city, gazing at art, the sky, the trees, and beautiful architecture.